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The Delta softeners are the most important realization of Delta Water Engineering. This classic water softener has been entirely revised. These water softeners function without electricity, based on volumetric command. Delta softeners are friendlier to the environment, and use remarkably less salt and water. The Delta softeners are smaller than the classic softeners, with more functionality and better overall results.

  • Certified WQA 18.4 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate

  • No Electricity - Zero Carbon Footprint

  • Lower operating cost... uses 75% less water 

  • Uses 13 Gallons of water during regeneration

  • Very low sodium or potassium usage

  • On Demand (metered)

  • Upflow Regeneration

  • Always on-line Soft water 24/7 Dual tank operation

  • Fine Mesh Resin for superior softening

  • Carbon Filtration for reduction of Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products

No electricity, no backwash, no troubles... just clean, soft water 24/7!

Download the Delta Ontario Brochure to learn more!

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