Texas Blue Water Filtration offers a variety of water softeners and filtering products to meet your home's water filtration needs.

  • The 9100TS is the pride and joy of Texas Blue Water Filtration. Complete Softening and filtration plus the latest in water Softening technology. The 9100 is our favorite because of its:

- Sensor Technology

- Dual Tank Design

- Low water and salt consumption

- Ability to self adjust water “softness”

- 24/7 Soft Water

  • The 89 SERIES TWO STEP is an amazing addition to your new home. Softening, Filtration, High efficiency regen and the best warranty Texas Blue has ever offered.  The 89 SERIES TWO STEP is a Texas Blue favorite because of its:

- 1" Porting Provides High Flow Rates In Larger Homes

- Up-Flow Regeneration Providing High Efficiency Performance

- Quick Regen Ensures You Never Run Out Of Soft Water

-10 Year Texas Blue Warranty and Life Time Manufacturer's Warranty

Texas Blue Soft Plus
  • The Texas Blue Soft Plus is the perfect package for any family looking to soften and filter your water at a great price! The Soft Plus is popular with our customers for its:

- No hassle control valve

- Whole Home Carbon Filtration

- Reliable and easy to work on

- Superior Warranty

  • The Clack WS1 is widely popular with many Texas Blue Water Filtration customers. Most notably for:


 - No hassle control valve

 - Reliable and easy to work on

 - Can be worked on by any licensed professional

FLECK 5810
  • The Fleck 5810 is designed for customers who are interested in the advanced technology of a newer Water Filtration System. The Fleck 5810 is popular for its:

- Advance Touch Screen

- Smart Board Technology that keeps track of water usage/habits

- Adjustments based on your water usage

- Visible and audible alert feature should you require service

  • Water Softening, Whole Home Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Professional Installation and a superior warranty... All you do is add salt. 


 - No hassle control valve

-Whole Home Carbon Filtration

-Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

-R/O Leak Detection Shut Off

 - Reliable and easy to work on

 - Superior Warranty

For more information on any or all of these systems, call our office at (210)679-9191!