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Enjoy the benefits of whole house filtration!

Dual tank systems come with an additional tank filled with activated carbon for pre-treatment which reduces chlorine taste and odors in municipal water applications and also extends the life of the softening media. Followed by crisp clean purified water from a multi-stage Reverse Osmosis.

While one tank is softening the other is reducing unwanted chemicals that create unpleasant taste and odor. This is the perfect example of water treatment done the right way. If you would like to further enhance your water quality, Texas Blue Water Filtration also offers crisp, clean, purified drinking water.

Reasons for Water Refining:

- Total Home Solution
- Multi-stage protection to maximize media life and effectiveness.
- Eliminate chlorine, bad tastes and odors
- Reduced sediment and other particulates
- Reduced spots on glassware and dishes
- Reduced “soap curds” on tubs, sinks, and shower walls
- Reduced soap and other cleaning product usage by 75%
- Softer, healthier skin and hair
- Protect expensive water using appliances
- Save on energy consumption
- Bottled Water quality, without the bottle

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