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Water Conditioning

Anti scale media is a revolutionary way to prevent scale buildup and remove existing scale in pipes and plumbing systems. It transforms hard water minerals into harmless nano particles that don't attach to surfaces. This innovative approach prevents scale without chemicals, salt or electricity.

How Does Anti Scale Media Work?

Anti scale media accelerates the conversion of calcium and magnesium minerals into tiny "nano" particles that flow freely through pipes instead of forming scale deposits. By transforming hardness minerals, it inhibits scale formation and removes existing scale. The media lasts for years without regeneration or maintenance.

Water Drops
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Benefits of the Scale Prep System

  • Prevents scale naturally without chemicals

  • Removes existing scale buildup over time

  • Chemical free

  • No electricity or maintenance required

  • Cost effective for residential and commercial use

  • Environmentally friendly with no added chemicals

  • Reduces energy consumption from scale-free heat exchangers by 30-40%.

  • Maintenance Free

  • Extends equipment life by preventing scale damage

Anti scale media provides an innovative scale control solution that keeps plumbing systems scale-free.

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