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Texas Blue Water Filtration offers a variety of services such as system maintenance/repair, installation, trouble shooting, water testing, sales information and much more!

Whole House

Whole house filtration is a great addition to any water softening system, either for removal or reduction of chlorine and trace chemicals which may be found in municipal water supply.

Well Water

Have Well Water? Texas Blue Water Filtration can help you combat any issues you have in your well. From the annoying rotten egg smell, to extensive water stains, we can help make your water clean and healthy for you and your family!


Virtually maintenance free, chemical free, and salt free, anti- scaling media water conditioners are a cost effective alternative to salt based water treatment.


Is your system not functioning properly? Not using salt? Notice any leaks? Texas Blue Water Filtration is here to help you with any and all of your servicing needs. Not a Texas Blue System? Don’t worry! For a reasonable service fee, we will get your system in working order!


The R/O drinking water system effectively reduces harmful impurities, turning ordinary tap water into purified water. This provides bottled water quality to your home water system.


We stand behind our products! Our warranty policy applies to all residential water treatment whole house and water softening units sold and installed by Texas Blue Water Filtration to the original owner.

Connect With Us Today!

Speak to a member of our trusted team now. Get over the phone quotes, or have your questions answered.

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