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Well Water Support

Have well water? Texas Blue Water Filtration can help you combat any issues you have in your well. From the annoying rotten egg smell to the extensive water stains, we can help make your water clean and healthy for you and your family! Iron Breakers, chlorinators and UV lights are just a few of the many tools we can use to better the quality of your well water.

What Issues Can You Have With Well Water?

Well water can suffer from common problems like hard water, iron staining, sulfur odors, and bacterial contamination. Hard water leaves scale on fixtures and dishes. Iron creates orange/brown stains. Sulfur causes a "rotten egg" smell.


Bacteria can make water unsafe to drink. These issues result from naturally occurring ground contaminants that seep into well water if not properly treated.

Image by Patrick Pahlke
Image by Frank Albrecht

How Can We Improve Your Well Water?

We have effective solutions to resolve well water problems and provide clean, healthy water.

  • Iron Filters - Remove iron and manganese to prevent staining

  • Water Softeners - Eliminate hard water by removing calcium and magnesium

  • UV Light Systems - Kill harmful bacteria without chemicals

  • Ozone Generators - Oxidize sulfur compounds to prevent rotten egg smell

  • Chlorinators - Disinfect well water of bacteria with small chlorine doses

  • Sediment Filters - Filter out sand, silt and particulate matter

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